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Christylez Bacon & Nistha Raj are a Washington, DC based musical duo who meet the world at the crossroads of Hindustani music and hip-hop with Bhairavi Beatbox

Since 2011, Grammy nominated Progressive Hip-Hop artist Christylez Bacon and Indian violinist Nistha Raj have been performing together exploring the spaces between North Indian (Hindustani) classical music, acoustic Hip-Hop, and Go-Go music from Washington, DC. Bacon, known for his beat-boxing, rhyming and storytelling and Raj, known for mixing Indian Classical Music with modern sounds are the perfect fit. Together they create an entirely new sound.

Christylez Bacon frequently performs with artists of diverse backgrounds as part of what he refers to as his “mission towards cultural acceptance and unification through music.” Bacon invited Raj to collaborate on his “Washington Sound Museum” concert series in 2011 because he felt their genres worked well together. ” I enjoy the fact that this 12th Century Indian Classical music fuses with Hip-Hop and Go-Go so well. Also, I love learning all the technical aspects of the music and translating them into beatbox.” – Christylez Bacon

Raj notes her favorite part of the collaboration being the an accessibility to a wider audience. “As a musician, I get to push the boundaries of how traditional classical music can be presented by finding the intersections and commonalities between seemingly disparate genres. When we perform, I love looking out into the audience and seeing all ages, backgrounds, races, nationalities, etc being appreciative of the music and enjoying in the same space collectively.” – Nistha Raj

The duo has since performed together at the Embassy of India (DC), The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Joe’s Pub (NY) and The Mansion at Strathmore (MD).

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