Joe Keyes and the Late Bloomer Band / « Back

Joe Keyes is equal parts front man, poet and band conductor. The Freehold, NJ, native found his orchestra in late 2009 in The Late Bloomer Band, a concoction of Baltimore-area musicians. The band takes audiences back to the days of Miles Davis and early P-Funk, when big bands were lead by strong forces of individuals. The band’s brand of live improvisation and musical sophistication presents a different experience at every show. While Keyes draws inspiration from musical mentors Gil Scott-Heron, George Clinton, Joe Bowie and Sun Ra, The Late Bloomer Band brings a modern interpretation to funk, jazz, rock and a variety of other genres. The Late Bloomer Band’s members, in their mid-20s, help keep 54-year-old Keyes young and come from locally established bands. Having grown together musically, the band’s polished tightness has landed collaborations with George Clinton and members of Parliament/Funkadelic.

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