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Feedel Band are taking Ethiopian music and Jazz, and blending it into a simmering stew of musical genre’s, textures and feeling. They are creating, and in some cases re-creating, the musical language of what has been called EthioJazz. The members of Feedel Band are acclaimed musicians in their own right. Individually, and as part of a larger group, they’ve all performed with numerous well-known musicians and artists around the world. Since the bands inception, the reception that Feedel has received is been extraordinary. While their music is inspired by the sounds of legendary Ethiopian bands like Walias, Ibex and Roha Band, Feedel Band composes and performs their own original music. Washington, DC and surrounding area has the largest Ethiopian community outside of Ethiopia. The Feedel Band are a direct line to the Ethiopian art and culture that is weaved into the greater multicultural fabric of Washington, DC.

Booking options for Feedel Band vary in terms of size of the group and presentation. The ensemble can be as small as an Ethio-jazz trio or larger including singer, traditional instruments, and traditional dancers.Classroom visits and workshops also available upon request. Email for more detailed options.



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