Promotion - Consulting & Publicity

Mulitflora Productions brings a broad array of live music to thousands of Washingtonians every year around the city and in the neighboring states, Virginia and Maryland. Our prolific booking expertise within clubs and concert halls is complemented by artistic curating credentials in the performing arts world, representing varied interests in jazz, world, experimental, rock, electronic, and emerging global artists. As an active presence in Washington DC’s vibrant cultural scene, we are always seeking new and unorthodox ways to present live music, to help nurture developing artists, and programing concerts at various venues and festivals around the city.

We also offer a personalized and creative PR and marketing service catered to independent musicians and live music venues. Our services range from digital marketing, social media consultancy, branding, print and online media campaigns, and development campaigns for new artists and organizations looking to present live music for events.

One of the most common questions asked by artists is how they can find a booking agent. Besides playing gigs, growing your fan base and keeping your inner joy alive it can be really frustrating to find a booking agency. Because of our extensive network we can help bands make connections by plugging into our network and community to find one-off gigs or weekend runs in the Mid-Atlantic region and around Washington, DC.