Flash of the Spirit Worldwide Sounds Festival Series 2019 Full Schedule

Friday September 6 Boukman Eksperyans * Haitian mizik rasin with Crank LuKongo at Tropicalia

7:30PM $20

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Part of Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series. Founded in 1978, Boukman Eksperyans is one of Haiti’s most beloved bands. After the group’s charismatic leader, Theodore “Lòlò” Beaubrun saw Bob Marley perform, he was inspired by Marley’s example to similarly uplift and amplify Haiti’s traditional music and its spiritual message. In the decades since, Lòlò and his wife Mimerose, better known as Manzè, pioneered a vibrant cultural movement, now known as mizik rasin. First called vodou adjae, mizik rasin means “roots music” in Haitian Creole (Kreyol), a synthesis of French with numerous West African languages. Mizik rasin fuses the sacred music of the Afro-Haitian religion Vodou with electrified elements of rock and R&B. The band’s moniker reflects this powerful cultural amalgam: it combines the name of Boukman Dutty, a Vodou priest who led the famous 1791 ceremony at Bois Caïman that is credited with sparking the Haitian revolution, with eksperyans, an invocation, in Kreyol, of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. “Eksperyans” also reflects the Beaubrun’s embrace of the Vodou philosophy that “all has to be one in love.”

Crank LuKongo is an Afro Go-Go Roots Music collective, akin to a DC Go-Go rhythmic foundation infused with elements of Progressive Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Rock, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Beat, World Beat, Folk, and Hip-Hop. 


Sunday September 8 Les Filles de Illighadad and Feedel Band at Celebrate Africa at Bladensburg Waterfront Park


Revel in the rich sights, sounds, food, art, fashion, music and culture of Africa! Bladensburg Waterfront Park transforms into an African marketplace with musicians, artists, and cuisine from Senegal to Somalia. Treat your family to traditional and modern dancers, musicians, artisans, and storytellers. Come dressed in your favorite African clothing, and take part in the fashion procession! Check website for stage schedules.

Monday September 9 Sihasin and Les Filles de Illighadad at Rhizome

7:30PM $20

Part of Multiflora Productions annual multicultural music festival series Flash of the Spirit, a rare convergence of indigenous ancient-to-the-future music from two continents: Female Tuareg Sahel Sounds recording artists Les Filles de Illighadad from Nigher and Navajo brother and sister Sihasin from Northern Arizona. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these artists.


Tuesday September 10 Global Sounds on the Hill present Che Apalache at Hill Center

7PM $18-$20

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Hill Center is thrilled to welcome Che Apalache - Latingrass from Argentina”  as part of our Global Sounds series and Multiflora Productions annual music series festival Flash of the Spirit. Immigration is a powerful topic for Che Apalache bandleader Joe Troop. A polymath, polyglot, and world traveler, Troop left home at a young age, emigrating from this country in search of a better life. Raised in the North Carolina Piedmont, in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Troop came of age to the music of bluegrass and all-night jam sessions at festivals, but being a young, queer man in the South, at a certain point he no longer felt welcome in his own home region. He took refuge abroad, traveling Europe and immersing himself in his two great loves: music and language. He studied Spanish in Spain, spent summers in Morocco, and eventually moved to Japan to teach English. He carried his music and his fiddle with him always, picking up elements of flamenco, jazz manouche, and swing. In 2010, Joe immigrated to Argentina, and, looking to make friends and build a scene, he began teaching bluegrass. Nine years later, Che Apalache, led by Troop, features three powerhouse Latin American musicians – two from Argentina, Franco Martino (guitar) and Martin Bobrik (mandolin), and Pau Barjau (banjo) from Mexico – and has been taking audiences by storm with their fusion of Latin and American roots music. Famed banjo player and cross-genre trailblazer Béla Fleck was so taken with the band that he signed on to produce their new album, Rearrange My Heart, coming August 9, 2023 on Free Dirt Records.

Thursday September 12 La Chamba and Chicha de tu Madre and Leon City Sounds at Bossa

9PM $10

Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series presents a night of vintage chicha sounds from Los Angeles with La Chamba and La Chicha de tu Madre from DC and Leon City Sounds. In the working-class communities of Latinx America, the word “Chamba” can be heard on any bustling street corner. La “Chamba” literally means “work,” and is a word used to describe one’s hustle. La Chamba’s humble origins began in a garage in South Los Angeles, with hard-working music that lured eager ears to their fresh West Coastal sound, known as “Chicha Angelina.” La Chamba transports the textures of 60’s & 70’s Amazonian Peruvian Surf-Pop “Chicha”, to the present-day reality of life in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Their world is infused with Psychedelic Guitars, Lush Organs & Sweaty Synths, over a Hypnotic, heavy-grooving dance floor of fiery Afro-Latin rhythms, reminiscent of L.A’s high-energy swagger & charm! Their signature “Chamba” tone pays homage to Peru’s rich vintage “Chicha” spirit, with a sonic stamp that is distinctly Angeleno! La Chicha de tu Madre is an Amazonian Cumbia/Chicha band based in Washington, D.C.

Monday September 16 Los Wemblers de Iquitos with Leon City Sounds at Songbyrd

7PM $15-$20

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Presented in collaboration with Leon City Sounds and Multiflora Productions’s annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series! In 2007 Brooklyn label Barbès records released a 17-song compilation of a then ignored genre of psychedelic cumbia from Peru. That album, The Roots of Chicha, was essential in re-introducing the world to chicha music, a sound previously confined to the Amazon and the poorer neighborhoods of Lima. Though chicha originated in the 1970s, its particular blend of psych rock, surf, Afro-Latin rhythms and indigenous melodies proved to be particularly appealing to 21st century audiences. To many, especially in South America and Mexico, it came to be seen as the missing link between rock and tropical Latin music and was a key ingredient in the cumbia revival that has swept the Americas in the past ten years. Los Wembler’s, who formed in 1968 in the Amazonian city of Iquitos, were responsible for some of the first hits of the psychedelic cumbia genre – including the iconic “Sonido Amazonico” and “Danza del Petrolero”. Los Wembler’s became widely popular in the Peruvian Amazon and for a dozen years and criss-crossed the region, with forays into neighboring Brazil and Colombia. In the mid 1980’s, however, touring mostly came to a stop and the band remained in Iquitos, playing mostly parties and local functions.Their new album, Vision del Ayahuasca, was written in Iquitos, where the band still lives, but recorded in Lyon, france, while the band was on its second European tour. Vision del Ayahuasca should establish further their legacy as pioneers not only of chicha and psychedelic cambia, but as a musicians who are finally getting their place in the world-wide pantheon of influential artists. Indeed, the latin psychedelia they helped create 50 years ago, is more relevant than ever and the album is a triumphant tribute to their lasting creative powers.

Tuesday September 17 Film Screening: Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) with introduction by Jim Byer’s host of The Latin Flavor on WPFW at Suns Cinema

8PM $10

Part of Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series. On August 26th, 1971 New York City gave birth to a sound that would change the face of Latin music forever. That evening at the renowned Cheetah Nightclub, The FANIA ALL-STARS hit the stage with their unique sound that would echo across all borders and reach all countries. The music that was played that night would forever change Latin music. This film, shot all over Spanish Harlem in New York City, explores the musical celebrations of the city’s Puerto Rican population. Among the many artists featured are Johnny Pacheco, Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodriguez, and Ismael Miranda. Featuring mostly musical performances, this Spanish-language film has English subtitles for the few occasions when a narration is provided. One of the delights of this film is the uncensored glimpse it gives into this lively and highly musical community. Host of The Latin Flavor on WPFW Jim Byers will provide a brief introduction before the film at 7:45PM.


Thursday September 19 Les Filles de Illighadad at Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building - Coolidge Auditorium


Fatou Seidi Ghali, lead vocalist and guitarist of Les Filles de Illighadad, is one of the only Tuareg female guitarists in Niger. Sneaking away with her older brother’s guitar, she taught herself to play. While Fatou’s role as the first female Tuareg guitarist is groundbreaking, it is just as interesting for her musical direction. In Tuareg society, women have traditionally been musicians, but not guitarists. They have been deeply involved with tende, a form of music centered on a drum traditionally made out of a mortar and pestles. Tende rhythms also deeply informed the development of Tuareg guitar music, which is mostly the province of men. In a place where gender norms have created these two divergent musics, Fatou and Les Filles de Illighadad are reasserting the role of tende in Tuareg guitar. In lieu of the djembe or the drum kit, so popular in contemporary Tuareg rock bands, Les Filles de Illighadad incorporate the traditional drum and the pounding calabash, half buried in water. They are thus reclaiming the importance of this forgotten inspiration of Tuareg guitar and asserting the power of women to innovate using the roots of traditional Tuareg music.


Friday September 20 La Inedita en Washington DC Chichamuffin Live at Bossa Bistro

7PM $10

Part of Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series. La Inedita is a Peruvian band formed in 2010. A mix of Peruvian cumbia, Jamaican rhythms, subtle touches of hip hop, rock and electronic music, is what they have called “Chichamuffin. In 2015 the Commission for the Promotion of Peru’s Exports and Tourism (PromPeru) selected and supported La Inedita to represent the country with the new international campaign called “Marca Peru” (Peru Brand).


Saturday September 21 DeSanguashington at Bossa Bistro 

8PM $10

Part of Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series. DeSanguashington, is a Colombian American band from Washington, D.C, that fusions traditional Colombian folk music with more modern/popular genres. DeSanguashington has emerged as one of the premier world music bands in the Washington, D.C. area, recognized and beloved by the Latino community and those who enjoy international music.


Saturday September 28 The Good Ones from Rwanda, The Mauls, Time Is Fire at Rhizome

8PM $10-$20 suggested

This concert is part of the annual Multiflora Productions music series Flash of the Spirit featuring a diverse showcase of music with Time Is Fire, The Mauls, and The Good Ones from Rwanda.

The Good Ones are a trio of Rwandan genocide survivors who play joyous, acoustic love songs— often written in the dialect of their rural district which has for centuries been known as the region for producing poets for the Kings. Primary songwriter Adrien Kazigira interweaves intricate harmonies with co-singer, Janvier Havugimana. In a style often referred to as “worker songs from the streets,” these simple, direct and plaintive love songs speak more to the healing power of peace than a thousand academic treatises or preachy goodwill ambassadors ever could. The Good Ones roots music is so strongly regarded that multiple respected artists have collaborated on their forthcoming third album, including members of the Grammy-nominated groups Wilco and TV on the Radio, as well as members of Sleater-Kinney, My Bloody Valentine, and Fugazi. As with their previous two albums, the new record is produced by Grammy-winner, Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Zomba Prison Project, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott). The Good Ones last album was named one of the “Top 50 Best Albums of the Year” by The Sunday London Times. Starting in 1978, the band members were taught music by Janvier’s brother who was blind and perished in the 1994 genocide. They formed the group as a healing process after the genocide and the original trio’s membership reunited Rwanda’s three tribes (with one member each historically from the Tutsi, Hutu, and Abatwa tribes). Since they live without electricity and have had almost no access to devices to reproduce musical recordings, their vocalizations are based on the singing traditions of their local immediate, rural district (which has historically been for centuries the region known for producing the poets for the Kings) rather than by outside and Western influences. They utilize one-of-a-kind instruments in their music, often incorporating their farming tools as percussion. 2019 year marks the 25th anniversary of the genocide.


Wednesday October 2 47Soul with Special Guests feat. Green Zone Pop-Up at Union Stage

7:30PM $25 ALL AGES

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47Soul with Special Guests feat. Green Zone Pop-Up at Union Stage. This concert is supported by the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival and Multiflora Productions annual music series Flash of the Spirit. 47soul السبعة و أربعين is an Electro Arabic Dabke (Shamstep) band formed in Amman Jordan in 2013. The members are rooted in Bilad Al-Sham, spanning the divides from Amman to the Galilee to Ramallah and the rest of the Palestinian Diaspora. This new sound of 47SOUL has rapidly amassed fans in the Arab World and Europe by blasting the electric Arabic Dabke sound through underground music scenes. On top of the beats that have been bumping in the Arab World for centuries, 47SOUL hypes it up with analog synthesizers, hypnotic guitar lines, and shattering verses from the four singers. Every show ends in relentless dance and trance from all parties involved. Their lyrics, mixing Arabic and English, call for celebration and freedom in the struggle for equality, inside Bilad Al Sham and throughout the world.


Friday October 4 Crown Vic’s Weird World at Market SW with WAYTA


Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series presents an outdoor concert at Market SW with WAYTA and Crown Vic’s Weird World all vinyl record party!

WAYTA will bring bring the potatoes and onions to make a South American musical broth full of Charango and Sikus, with music from Abya Yala to nurture together in mutual respect. This songbird duo’s will take listeners on a musical journey combining styles from regions of Central and South America. Crown Vic’s all vinyl Weird World record party features all vinyl selections of music from around the world and across time.  A romp through a universe of varied regional music styles from ethnic classics, olde world curios, and modern sounds. Market SW is such a nice scene with awesome food vendors, beverage selections, and artisanal vendors. 


Saturday Oct 5 Lyuti Chushki at Bossa Bistro

7PM $10

This concert is part of the annual Multiflora Productions music series Flash of the Spirit. Lyuti Chushki  are “hot peppers” and you can’t have a feast without them! They have been playing for weddings, concerts, festivals, dance parties and workshops since in Washington DC since 1997. They play traditional Bulgarian instruments in modes and rhythms of ancient provenance with vocal stylings now world renowned due to the popularity of music from The Balkans.

Sunday October 6 Tom Chess and Kamyar Arsani at Bossa Bistro

8PM $10

With this showcase, we take you to Iran and Syria, and invite you to  join us in celebrating our connections through music and poetry. The night will start with Hussam Jefee-Bahloul and his band, and ends with Tomchess & Kamyar Arsani duo.

Tuesday October 8 Soul Power film screening at Suns Cinema

8PM $10

This screening is part of Multiflora Productions annual music festival series Flash of the Spirit.

A filmed account of the Zaire 74 soul music festival, originally intended to be in concert with the famous Rumble in the Jungle bout in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1974. In 1974, music producers, Hugh Masekela and Stewart Levine worked with the boxing promoter, Don King, to create a music festival in Africa to run concurrently with his championship boxing match he arranged with Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, aka “The Rumble in the Jungle,” in Kinshasa, Zaire. However, due to an unforeseen delay due to Foreman injuring himself in training, it was decided that the music festival must still go on as scheduled. This film covers the preparation of that festival with both stage construction and the arrival of the participating musicians. When all is ready, the people of Zaire got to experience a musical event that Africa had never seen before with great African-American and local artists performing with verve and purpose, with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, just the biggest star of this musical extravaganza.


Thursday October 10 RAM from Haiti with special guests at Tropicalia

8PM $20

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Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit festival music series presents the mythical Haitian voodoo roots rock legends RAM in Washington DC! If you made your way to Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince almost any Thursday over the last 25 years, you would have been greeted by the raw and powerful music of RAM-ancient folkloric polyrhythms intertwining harmoniously with punk rock guitar riffs and swinging Caribbean melodies. It is at these now legendary sweat-drenched gigs where RAM established themselves at torchbearers of a voodoo rock sound. Firmly rooted in a city that has seen much political upheaval, RAM has been a target of regime censorship, and has continued to be a voice for the people of Haiti throughout upheaval and change.  One of the prominent bands in the mizik rasin musical movement, the band incorporates traditional vodou lyrics and instruments, such as rara horns into modern styles. The band performs in Haitian Creole, French, and English. In 2018 RAM partnered with Arcade Fire for performances, recordings, and to parade in New Orleans as part of Arcade Fire’s Krewe du Kanaval. Rasin is a musical style that began in Haiti in the 1970s when musicians began combining elements of traditional Haitian Vodou ceremonial and folkloric music with rock and roll. This style of modern music reaching back to the roots of Vodou tradition came to be called mizik rasin (“roots music”) in Haitian Creole or musique racine in French. In context, the movement is often referred to simply as “rasin” or “racine.”


Friday Oct 11 Uasuf Gueye at Bossa Bistro

7:30PM $10

This concert is part of Multiflora Productions annual music festival series Flash of the Spirit. A Washington DC native, Uasuf Gueye blends hip hop, r&b, jazz, rock, and West African Manding music all played on traditional West African instruments. Come to Bossa in Adams Morgan, D.C. and enjoy the robust grooves of Uasuf Gueye accompanied by the highly talented and versatile musicians in the Urban Virtuosos band. The unique and soulful sounds will inspire a captivating and enjoyable experience.


Saturday Oct 12 The Golden Age of Boleros with Miramar at Bossa Bistro

8PM $15

Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit festival music series presents beloved bolero revivalists Miramar. Miramar is a sextet  that features the awe-inspiring male-female singing duo of Rei Alvarez (Bio Ritmo) and Laura Ann Singh (Quatro Na Bossa). Effortless in their delivery of intricate harmonies, they are backed by bandleader Marlysse Simmons (Bio Ritmo) who alternates between vintage organs and acoustic piano. Miramar draws its inspiration from the golden age of romantic music, primarily that of the Latin American genre known as the bolero. Made popular by Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican combos of the 1950s, the bolero, also known as trio music, became synonymous with various slow to medium grooved Latin American dance rhythms. As its popularity thrived, the bolero grew and fused with other musical styles to create sub-genres of bolero-rock, jazz and disco. Miramar explores the tradition through their own interpretations and compositions, furtherly experimenting within the bolero genre. In 2016 Brooklyn’s Barbès Records released Miramar’s debut album that featured original songs as well as arrangements of songs by the legendary Puerto Rican composer, lyricist, renegade and all around superwoman Sylvia Rexach. 


Sunday October 13 Combo Lulo at Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center


This concert is part of Multiflora Productions annual music festival series Flash of the Spirit. Drawing inspiration and direction from band leader, composer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Sarason, Combo Lulo moves side to side from effortless Jamaican foundation rhythms into the further reaches of Caribbean influence…incorporating a natural transition between Jamaican classics and the essence of Afro-Latin ritmo.


Monday October 14 Belen Escobedo and Panfilo’s Güera at Rhizome

7:30PM $10-$20 suggested

Part of Multiflora Productions annual multicultural music festival series Flash of the Spirit. Belen Escobedo plays rare and beautiful fiddle tunes in the South Texas Tejano (Texas-Mexican) tradition. Growing up on the South side of San Antonio and working as a professional fiddler since she was a teenager, Belen has preserved a unique style of fiddling that has all but disappeared from the Texas borderlands. Belen has a vast and unique repertoire, including tunes she learned from her grandfather’s whistling and a huge range of borderlands tunes from both sides of the border. The name of her trio, Panfilo’s Güera, honors her grandfather’s influence on her, the grandchild he called his güera, or “blondie.”

Tuesday October 15 W.I.T.C.H.: WE INTEND TO CAUSE HAVOC screening at Suns Cinema

8PM $10

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Part of Multiflora Productions annual Flash of the Spirit music festival series that culminates with a special live appearance of W.I.T.C.H. at Union Stage on Oct. 23! WITCH (We Intend To Cause Havoc) were the biggest rock band in Zambia in the 1970s and spearheaded a new genre dubbed Zamrock, fusing influences that ranged from the Rolling Stones to Black Sabbath and James Brown and mixing them with traditional African rhythms and bush village songs. At the peak of their popularity, the band often needed police to keep fans at bay while their lead singer Jagari – whose name is an Africanisation of Mick Jagger’s – riled up crowds by stage diving from balconies and dancing manically as the WITCH’s blend of psychedelic rock and African rhythms permeated the surrounding atmosphere.


Thursday October 17 Asa Chang & Junray from Japan at Hill Center

7PM $18

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Hill Center is thrilled to welcome ASA-CHANG &Junray as part of our Global Sounds series and Multiflora Productions annual music festival, Flash of the Spirit.Asa-Chang & Junray is the name of the Asa-Chang experience, and comes from the ‘Jun-Ray Tronics’ soundsystem he uses. The word also means ‘pilgrimage’ - Asa-Chang is on a mission to take music to places it’s never been. Based in Tokyo, self-taught tabla guru Asa-Chang spends his professional life touring with multi-million-selling J-pop acts - groups that make S Club 7 sound like Joy Division. Regarded as Japan’s premier session percussionist, in his spare time this loveable eccentric makes music that might just blow your head off.


Friday October 18 Cumbia Night w/ OvejaNegra and Leon City Sounds at Market SW


This concert is part of Multiflora Productions annual multicultural music festival series Flash of the Spirit and co-produced by Leon City Sounds. OvejaNegra is an alternative music band that combines and collects the energy of the Amazonian, Andean and Villera tropical cumbia. Dusting classic 70’s cumbia songs with the band’s personal touch. The band consolidated in 2016 proposing variables of the biodiversity of Latin American musical folklore for the integration and delight of the Cumbianchera people of the center, south of the continent and the general public. Located in the metropolitan area of ​​Washington DC, it has members from different backgrounds and countries. Claudia (Lima, Peru) and Charles (D.C.) – a.k.a. Leon City Sounds – are two selectors, avid record collectors of Peruvian Cumbia \ Jamaican Ska \ Reggae and radio disc jockeys based in Washington DC.


Monday October 21 W.I.T.C.H. from Zambia at Union Stage

$20 6:30PM

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This concert is part of Multiflora Productions annual multicultural music festival series Flash of the Spirit. Witch was a Zamrock band formed in the 1970s. Widely seen as the most popular Zambian band of the 1970s, W.I.T.C.H (an acronym for “We Intend To Cause Havoc”) were formed during Zambia’s golden post-independence days, and were headed by lead vocalist Emanuel “Jagari” Chanda. With the economy collapsing in the late-1970s, and increasing government authoritarianism, Witch, like most Zamrock bands, were reduced to playing daytime shows to avoid the curfews, and faded away.  This prompted Jaggari to leave the band and pursue his career as a teacher. The Witch Band later recruited Patrick Chisembele and Christine Jackson as lead vocalists. This was the time the band switched from rock to disco music. After the departure of Patrick Chisembele and Christine Jackson, the witch further switched to the Zambian traditional music, Kalindula led by Chris Mbewe. Under this genre, they recorded hit tracks such as Janet, Nazingwa among others.


Tuesday October 22 Ethiopiques: Revolt of the Soul film screening at Suns Cinema

8PM $10

This screening is part of Multiflora Productions annual music series Flash of the Spirit. The jazz-funk music that came out of Addis Ababa in the 1960s and 70s was complex, fun, original, and nearly lost to the world. Meet the Ethiopian artists who forged this beautiful new sound amid constant political turmoil and repression, and feel the passion that has gone into keeping that sound alive, many of whom took up residence later in Washington, DC and are still active today.

Venue addresses: 

Rhizome, 6950 Maple St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20012

Suns Cinema 3107 Mount Pleasant St. NW Washington DC 20010

Bossa Bistro, 2463 18th St NW Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Tropicalia, 2001 14th St, NW, Lower Level – Corner of U & 14th (Enter From U St, downstairs)

Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center 2700 F St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20566

Hill Center 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20003 United States

Market SW 425 M St SW, Washington DC

The Green Zone 2226 18th St NW Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Bladensburg Waterfront Park 4601 Annapolis Road, Bladensburg, MD 20710

Thomas Jefferson Building - Coolidge Auditorium 10 1st Street SE, Washington, DC 20540

Recurring Monthly Multiflora Events at Bossa Bistro:

  • First Wednesdays Shining Blade Funk and Soul Jam sessions 8:30PM FREE
  • Second Wednesdays are  part of an ongoing monthly series called The Danube Sessions featuring music from countries touched by the Danube River (start times vary)
  • First Thursdays Ethiopian Jazz with Feedel Band 9:30PM $10
  • Second Thursdays of the month are Mashriq Maghreb Arab music jam sessions 8PM
  • Every Friday at 9PM drop-in salsa dance class upstairs with Barbara Bernstein all levels welcome $10
  • Every Friday and Saturday night live salsa featuring the creme de la creme of DC’s salsa musicians 10PM $5
  • Last Wednesday of the month District of Raga Indian classical music event that features special guest artists followed by jam sessions 8PM $10
  • Last Thursdays Brazilian night with Pablo Regis and Brazilian dance with Dee Hale Dance lessons begin at 7:30PM and live music 9:30PM $10

Thanks for your continued support of Multiflora Productions…your guide to worldwide sounds!




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