The dynamic showman duo ‘Los Master Plus‘ from Guadalajara, Mexico, return to Washington, DC to perform at Tropicalia with DJ G-Flux and alongside Tropicalia’s Friday night resident DJs Congo Y Castro.The group’s live shows are full of dance and celebration with a very special feel. You can hear cover songs that take the audience by surprise. Versions turned to cumbia of bands such as Kings of Leon, Radiohead, No Doubt and Daft Punk, but completely adapted to the folksy, playful kind of Spanish that represents a big part of Mexican culture. They also play unique interpretations of Spanish speaking bands such as Los Teen Tops, Joan Sebastian, Jeans and Los Huracanes del Norte. Los Master Plus do not limit themselves to cover songs, their self produced tracks such as ‘La Cumbia del Pero’, ‘La Ultima Coca del Desierto’ and ‘Mamarazzi’ are also sang and danced cheerfully by their audience. ‘El Comanche’ and ‘Larry Mon’, the two members of the band, keep the crowd interactively entertained and make every presentation an unforgettable experience, a completely fun show where it’s almost impossible not to dance.

Last time they were in Washington, DC, they visited WAMU’s Bandwidth for a fun, rowdy, memorable video session and delivered two hilarious and expertly performed tracks, “Suave Leve” and the Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg-influenced “El Gran Vacilón.” Check out the whole story by Ally Schweitzer HERE.

Friday January 23 
Los Master Plus (Mexico)
G-Flux (Mexico/Washington, DC)
Doors 8PM
$10 advance // $12 day of show
at Tropicalia
2001 14th ST NW
Los Master Plus