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One of the great sensations of the current Puerto Rican salsa scene, Orquesta el Macabeo recovers the island’s salsa tradition to update it with new ideas and the energy of its twelve musicians, with backgrounds in punk rock, ska and reggae.The self-proclaimed rockeros con guille de salseros (rockers posing as a salsa band) deliver a hard-hitting salsa edge. The band is comprised of players that have backgrounds in punk rock, ska, and reggae but for this group they’re going for the classic salsa sound as they hear it. It’s refreshing to hear a younger group with a fresh perspective follow in the tradition of the island’s salsa pioneers like Rafael Cortijo, Roberto Roena, and La Sonora Ponceña . The brass section sounds mean and dirty with catchy horn riffs. The lyrics are both funny and poignant. This is a raw and live sound that will make any dance floor go bananas. Nothing is too polished and there’s no commercial additives or cheesy gimmicks like overdubs and auto tune.

Now booking 2018.

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