Mdou Moctar and Sahel Sounds on First US Tour 2017

Multiflora Productions productions is proud to present the first US tour for Mdou Moctar and his band. Starting in Los Angeles, the group will play a select few west coast dates before heading to the midwest and the east coast for a 36 day tour. The venues are a mix of festivals, university gigs, rock venues, record shops, and good ‘ol DIY spots in people’s back yards.

Check the Sahel Sounds website for the most current updates.

Label boss Chris Kirkley writes:

After many years, we’re proud to announce the Mdou Moctar USA tour! Mdou & the band will be starting off on the EU/UK, then headed across the USA, with shows on the West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, down to the South.

I first heard Mdou’s music in 2010, and finally met him in person two years later. During the first meeting we recorded his debut album Afelan. At the time, Sahel Sounds was a nascent label taking its first stumbling steps in a tumultuous and confusing music industry, so when Mdou asked “How can I tour in America?” I responded disparagingly: “We can work together, I can help your music to travel, but I have no idea how to make a tour happen, above all in the USA.”

At select screenings, we’ll be screening our film, the Purple Rain inspired Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai. But we also are talking about making a sequel of sorts, an ethnographic film from Mdou & the band as they cross America and explore what it means to tour in 2017. Maybe with a little bit of Spinal Tap thrown in. It is rock music, after all.

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