Remezcla Presents Los Master Plus & G-Flux at Tropicalia On January 23, 2023

The dynamic showman duo ‘Los Master Plus‘ from Guadalajara, Mexico, return to Washington, DC to perform at Tropicalia with DJ G-Flux and alongside Tropicalia’s Friday night resident DJs Congo Y Castro.The group’s live shows are full of dance and celebration with a very special feel. You can hear cover songs that take the audience by surprise. Versions turned to cumbia of bands such as Kings of Leon, Radiohead, No Doubt and Daft Punk, but completely adapted to the folksy, playful kind of Spanish that represents a big part of Mexican culture. They also play unique interpretations of Spanish speaking bands such as Los Teen Tops, Joan Sebastian, Jeans and Los Huracanes del Norte. Los Master Plus do not limit themselves to cover songs, their self produced tracks such as ‘La Cumbia del Pero’, ‘La Ultima Coca del Desierto’ and ‘Mamarazzi’ are also sang and danced cheerfully by their audience. ‘El Comanche’ and ‘Larry Mon’, the two members of the band, keep the crowd interactively entertained and make every presentation an unforgettable experience, a completely fun show where it’s almost impossible not to dance.

Last time they were in Washington, DC, they visited WAMU’s Bandwidth for a fun, rowdy, memorable video session and delivered two hilarious and expertly performed tracks, “Suave Leve” and the Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg-influenced “El Gran Vacilón.” Check out the whole story by Ally Schweitzer HERE.

Friday January 23 
Los Master Plus (Mexico)
G-Flux (Mexico/Washington, DC)
Doors 8PM
$10 advance // $12 day of show
at Tropicalia
2001 14th ST NW
Los Master Plus

Globalfest Headliners Kahulanui Bring Hawaiian Swing Music to DC On January 11, 2023

Thanks to GlobalFEST 2015  we are blessed to have a visit from Kahulanui who hail from Hawaii for a big mid-winter thaw out in the nation’s capital! Hawaiian swing like you’ve never heard it at Tropicalia in Washington, DC for an intimate concert with this killer group. There is a new wave coming from Hawaii, a blend of traditional music and the Big Band Swing brought to the Aloha State by U.S. servicemen during World War II. Its leading exponent is Kahulanui, a nine piece band—four horns plus guitar, bass, ukulele, drums and steel—whose energy and dynamic arrangements have caused a sensation throughout the Islands. Kahulanui band leader, Lolena Naipo, Jr. found inspiration from his Grandfather, Robert Kahulanui, who was a member of the Royal Hawaiian Band during an era when horns and drums were a part of Hawaiian music. Should be a great way to thaw out in the middle of a DC winter!

Learn more about Kahulanui HERE

Kahulanui (The Big Dance) is an inspiration passed down three generations from Grandfather Robert Kahulanui Naipo, to Dad Rodgers L.L. Naipo Sr., to Grandson and Kahulanui band leader, Lolena Naipo, Jr. Lolena remembers stories of his Grandfather who was a member of the Royal Hawaiian Band during an era when horns and drums were a part of Hawaiian music. “Throughout Hawai‘i in the 1920s and 1930s, one could find orchestras playing Hawaiian Swing and the house would be jumping. Kahulanui borrowed from these influences and performs classic Hawaiian songs in a syncopated style making Hawaiian Swing vibrant and alive in Hawaii today.

Tuesday January 13
Kahulanui (Hawaii’s Kings of Swing)

Doors 8PM

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at Tropicalia
2001 14th ST NW
Washington, DC 20009

Multiflora Productions and Bloombars Present: The Stirring of a Thousand Bells: A Film and Discussion by Matt Dunning (Sublime Frequencies)

Gamelan is one of the ancient music traditions of the world. In Solo, on the island of Java Indonesia, it’s still a part of everyday life and an important cultural custom. A complex wonder of human invention, it comes from a timeless world of aural tradition, contemplation, and relaxed living. These two films by Matt Dunning capture the essence of the gamelan tradition, in the context of the changing modern world. The Stirring of a Thousand Bells, the main attraction of this film, is a 35 minute sequence of audio/visual beauty centering around Gamelan Sekaten; a rarely witnessed event that is performed once yearly at the Sekaten festival which marks the birthday of the prophet Mohamed. Sekaten is Java’s most cosmic music festival, where the old world and the new are colliding, creating captivating images and sound. This short film blends aspects of the dance and its enchanting melodies with a variety of sublime images from throughout the island of Java, allowing the viewer to experience this magnificent island through eyes and ears. Feel what its like to be lost in a world of history. Filmmaker will discuss the film and answer questions from the audience.

Tuesday December 16
Multiflora Productions and Bloombars Present:
The Stirring of a Thousand Bells: A Film and Discussion by Matt Dunning (Sublime Frequencies)
$10 (suggested donation)
at Bloombars
3222 11th St NW
Washington, DC 20010

The Power of the Trinity featuring Desi Hyson, Tuff Lion and Dr Dubenstein at Tropicalia on Thursday, December 4

If you enjoy live reggae, if you love live reggae dub mixing, and if you are a fan of science fiction and the likes of Sun Ra, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and Sun Ra then this show is for you! Live reggae and dub showcase featuring current and former members of Steel Pulse, Culture, The Original Wailers, Moja NYA, Midnite and Bambu Station. Dr. Dubenstein is a reggae dub master from another world. A deranged man of science who was rumored to be conducting dub experiments in his laboratory where he would tie up patients and expose them to endless hours of the most insane dub reggae rhythms while depriving them of sleep and food. (it is rumored that not a single patient was able to keep his sanity after those ordeals.) The Doctor was born in 580 A.D. in section C, row 15, seat 23 of the transport vessel Enigma while en route to Klacmata from West Ardevor. He apparently only uses Earth terminology when it is appropriate and will shock you beyond belief with his reggae dub sound.

Thursday December 4
The Power of the Trinity feat Desi Hyson, Tuff Lion and Dr Dubenstein
Doors 8PM

at Tropicalia
2001 14th ST NW
Washington, DC 20009

Osaka Monaurail - Quick Sand

Japan’s premier Funk band Osaka Monaurail first Washington, DC appearance at Tropicalia on Halloween Oct 31 with Black Masala.

Event details here

After two decades, the wheels are very much still turning for Osaka Monaurail, Japan’s premiere funk orchestra, which has grown from a university combo to one of the world’s leading groups in the genre. Nine musicians on stage in sharp uniforms inspired by 60s fashion; trumpets are spinning in the air; leader Nakata dancing “Mashed Potato”; from James Brown funky dancers to jumpin’ be-bop instrumentals.

Tortured Soul - Fall In Love (Live)

International live touring act, Tortured Soul, is living proof that modern EDM can be freed from the DJ booth and fused with the classic styles of Prince, Heatwave and Kool & The Gang.

Catch them live at Tropicalia in Washington, DC Thursday, October 30 with The Sol Power All Stars for a special Halloween Eve bash.

Click here for event information

Tortured Soul is the future of house music.” – Gilles Peterson

Before DJs evolved into global superstars, musicians carried the baton. The Brooklyn-based dance trio Tortured Soul isn’t trying to intently rewrite the logic of today’s EDM with the sweat of their own musicianship, but they are living proof that the very same music can be freed from the DJ booth. Influenced by the classic songcraft of Prince, Heatwave and Kool & The Gang, the members of Tortured Soul are three distinctive guys with three different backgrounds, united under a groove-centered rhythm. The band’s frontman and principal songwriter, John-Christian Urich, can be seen simultaneously drumming and singing with effortless mastery, while the rest of the collective, made up of keyboardist Ethan White and bassist Jordan Scannella, virtuosically generate the pulsating accompaniment. It’s a striking visual that’s feverishly winning converts with each and every tour stop, with them being likened to The Roots of house music. Inside the group’s mystique, the acid jazz is reminiscent of Jamiroquai funk, while deeply saturated in the contemporary freshness of house purveyors like Joey Negro, Kenny Dope, Soul Clap and Jamie Jones. Even the legendary tastemaker Gilles Peterson, dubbed them “the future of house music.”


Bosley - Neon Magazine

Baltimore’s native son and soul sensation. Bringing those sounds that make you feel good. Bosley Brown. Boogie on down to the funky sweet sounds of Bosley Stardust and his Beautiful Band from Mars for a special Halloween-seasoned show at Tropicalia in DC on Friday, October 24.

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Osekre and the Lucky Bastards - Mama Told Me

The music of Osekre and The Lucky Bastards is alive with treasuring every moment. They play a hybrid of Afropop and ska, punk, and reggae that is equally indebted to Osekre’s Ghanaian heritage and the Brooklyn DIY/garage/indie scene that thrived in the late 2000s. Live with The CooLots at Tropicalia on October 17 in DC.

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