Meridian Brothers - Doctor Trompeta

The Meridian Brothers performed at Tropicalia in Washington, DC on June 18, 2015. From Washington, DC’s City Paper: “Colombia’s eccentric Meridian Brothers are not actually brothers. The “brothers” are a band, formed in 1998 and led by guitarist and laptop programmer Eblis Álvarez, that mixes unusually syncopated rock, cumbia, jazz, and champeta with 1950s alien movie sound effects, xylophone-like ringing, and eerie clown laughs. On its latest album, Salvadora Robot, the group also incorporates distorted vocals, animal sounds, Zappa-esque humor, and lounge keyboard grooves influenced by quirky Mexican composer Esquivel. Don’t just take my word for it: The band’s own Twitter bio describes its work as tropical collage, hapless salsa, bombastic rock, non-easy listening, eclectic shit, protest noise, and atonal cumbia. Álvarez and company may be out there in space, but they maintain rhythms that keep their sound from descending into total avant-garde chaos. They were  joined at Tropicalia by Virginia slowcore band Cigarette, D.C.’s Time is Fire—which melds Sufi poetry with post-punk guitar—and local DJ collective Alumbra DC”

By Steve Kiviat