Kaba Gaida to Chicago and Beyond: Bulgarian Bagpipers First US Tour

This fall Multiflora Productions are bringing the Kaynak Pipers from Bulgaria to play some select dates in the US in September and October. We are asking the general public for help in funding this trip to offset the staggering costs of travel expenses and to supplement the musicians as they take time off from their occupations and family life in Bulgaria.

If you are interested in donating to this project please go to this INDIEGOGO page and follow the instructions for contributing.

Kaynak Pipers Band from Bulgaria is а kaba gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe) band formed to continue the traditions of gaida performance. Kaba gaida, the Rhodope Mountains bagpipe, is one of the most distinctive symbols of the folk music in Bulgaria. Spread in a small, relatively isolated region of the Central Rhodope the kaba gaida is one of the instruments managed to preserve its original form and sound. Simple melodies full of ornamentation bring songs from an ancient times into the present. The kaba gaida is recognized as a unique cultural heritage and included in the Voyager Golden Record MESSAGES FROM EARTH.

Kaynak Pipers Band was founded in 2013 with the mission to popularize the kaba gaida music trough concerts and workshops. The band is deeply involved in continuing traditions in kaba gaida performance, instrument making, and training process. They organize workshops for children and participate in charity and volunteering events. Kaynak Pipers Band is recognized by the International Bagpipe Organization taking part in the International Bagpipe Conference in Glasgow 2016 and featured on the BBC network.

The mission of the band is to promote the kaba gaida music globally and the US tour in 2016 is a natural continuation of their work so far. Performing at festivals like the Chicago World Music Festival and Richmond Folk Festival in front of thousands people will help make the kaba gaida instrument and music accessible to more people. The group also envisions a rich, universal return in development of the society and the culture, creating strong community and bringing innovations so traditions can be incorporated in the modern lifestyle and kept for the future generations. The scale of the US tour this fall helps the Kaynak Pipers hone their professional skills and make them sustainable presenters of the Bulgarian folklore traditions.

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